DRF International Conference 2009 : Open Access Repositories now and in the future - from the global and Asia-Pacific points of view

Tokyo Institute of Technology. 3-4 December, 2009

  • Organized by:
    • Digital Repository Federation
    • SPARC Japan
  • Co-organized by:
    • Tokyo Institute of Technology Library
  • Sponsored by:
    • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
    • Japanese Coordinating Committee for University Libraries
    • Japan Association of National University Libraries
    • Public University Library Association
    • Japan Association of Private University Libraries
    • SPARC


Conference Proceedings


  • Opening Keynote
  • Session 1. Coming of age and beyond: eScience, eResearch and ePublishing / Chair: Syun Tutiya (Chiba University)
  • Innovation in Scholarly Communication in High-Energy Physics:Repositories and Open Access / Salvatore Mele (CERN)
  • The Critical Role of Repositories in Advancing Research Findings / David Shulenburger (Association of Public and Land-grant Universities)
  • Session 2. IR in Asia and the Pacific: Present and Future / Chair: Hiroya Takeuchi (Chiba University)
  • Suggestions for Asian/Australasian regional cooperation based on a critical evaluation of collaboration and standardisation across Australian Institutional Repositories / Peter Sefton (University of Southern Queensland)
  • Future Perspectives of Institutional Repositories in Taiwan / Simon C. Lin, Ya-Ning Chen (Academia Sinica)
  • Before and After DRF Initiative : a cluster of institutional repository programs beyond the traditional role of the library / Hideki Uchijima (Kanazawa University)
  • Session 3. Attitudes towards diversity / Chair: Masamitsu Kuriyama (Tokiwa University)
  • Advocacy, content acquisition and the place of the repository in the research process / Simon Bevan (Cranfield University)
  • RePEc's impact on usage of working papers in institutional repositories / Sho Sato (University of Tsukuba) et al.
  • A polynomial-expansion approach to IR and ILDD / Masako Suzuki (Otaru University of Commerce Library) et al.
  • E-Science Experiences at NIMS eSciDoc : Self Archiving of Profiled Experimental Data / Mikiko Tanifuji (National Institute for Materials Science) et al.
  • ResearcherPages; Author Buy-in to Institutional Goals / David Palmer (University of Hong Kong)
  • Closing Keynote
  • A Retrospective of NII Projects on New Perspectives in CSI / Jun Adachi (National Institute of Informatics)


(1.gif2.gif3.gif = Awarded)
  • Copyright Practices in Japan's Academic Societies and Proposal for Copyright Terms / Masako Hidaka (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
  • Institutional Repository at a Project-oriented Inter-university Research Institute / Hirotaka Chikaraishi (National Institute for Fusion Science) et al.
  • 2.gifBetter relationship between researchers and librarians through the joint development of a repository / Masako Suzuki (Otaru University of Commerce Library) et al.
  • An Integrated Approach to Researcher Portfolio and Institutional Repository in NIMS eSciDoc / Masao Takaku (National Institute for Materials Science) et al.
  • 3.gifRepository of Archaeological Reports (RAR): e-Science for Archaeologists, Historians and Common researchers / Masahito Hirakawa (Director, Shimane University Library) et al.
  • Researcher-helpful evaluating and analyzing tool ? The Research Visibility Analysis System using the institutional repository and the researcher directory ? / Masashi Iwai (Shinshu University Library) et al.
  • 1.gifRepository helps decrease ILL requests for photocopies: A decisive, though shameless, experiment / Yoriko Ikejiri (Chiba University Library) et al.
  • 1.gifUsage log analysis of institutional repositories’ contents: user domains, refer types and contents’ attributes / Sho Sato (University of Tsukuba) et al.
  • Digital Mathematics Library in Japan over digital repositories / Takao Namiki (Hokkaido University) et al.
  • A Model of Publication of Scholarly Papers on Institutional Repositories / Kensuke Baba (Kyushu University) et al.
  • Development of interface for visualizing structure among contents in TSR / Norihiko Uda (University of Tsukuba) et al.
  • Author Identification - One view on the infrastructure building for Open Access environment / Shun Morimoto (Kanazawa University Library) et al.
  • 3.gif1996 Vision for an Electronic Library System / Shigeki Sugita (Hokkaido University Library)
  • 3.gifNew SCPJ: Let’s develop an open access / Mika Saito (University of Tsukuba Library) et al.
  • New role of “Tsukuba Repository assistance system”: Progress to system that plays a part in collection of research achievements in University of Tsukuba / Mika Saito (University of Tsukuba Library) et al.
  • 3.gifTwo heads are better than one : A report on DRF Technical Workshop Karuizawa / Yuji Nonaka (Hokkaido University Library) et al.
  • Developing new system models of shared repository / Takeo Ozono (Hiroshima University Library) et al.


Steering Committee

  • Chair
    • TUTIYA Syun (Professor, Cognitive Science, Dept. of Literature, Chiba University)
  • Vice-chair
    • KURIYAMA Masamitsu (Associate Professor, College of Human Science, Tokiwa University)
  • Committee member
    • IWAI Masashi (Shinshu University Library)
    • UEDA Daisuke (Hiroshima University Library)
    • UCHIJIMA Hideki (Kanazawa University Library)
    • OZAKI Fumiyo (Hiroshima University Library)
    • KUBO Ikuko (Library and Information Dept., Yokohama National University)
    • KOGA Takashi (Associate Professor, Research and Development Laboratory, Kyoto University Library)
    • KOYAMA Kenji (Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics, Mie University)
    • SAITO Mika (University of Tsukuba Library)
    • SUGITA Fukuo (Hokkaido University Library)
    • SUZUKI Masako (Otaru University of Commerce Library)
    • TAKEUCHI Hiroya (Professor, Dept. of Literature, Chiba University)
    • TAKEUCHI Yaeko (Chiba University Library)
    • TANIFUJI Mikiko (General Manager National Institute for Materials Science)
    • TSUCHIDE Ikuko (Osaka University Library)
    • TSUZUKI Ichiro (Kyoto University Library)
    • TERADA Miki (JAIST Library)
    • TOMITA Kenichi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    • MAEDA Shinji (Osaka University Library)
    • MURAKAMI Yuko (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University)
  • Secretary General
    • SUGITA Shigeki (Hokkaido University Library)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Chair
    • FURUI Sadaoki (Director, Tokyo Institute of Technology Library)
  • Vice-chair
    • OBA Takashi (Hitotsubashi University Library)
    • TOMITA Kenichi (Tokyo Institute of Technology Library)
  • Committee member
    • ITO Atsushi (Waseda University Library)
    • IRIE Shin (Keio University Media Center)
    • KIMURA Harushige (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Library)
    • KUMABUCHI Tomoyuki (Yokohama National University Library)
    • SUGIYAMA Munetake (Chiba University Library)
    • SEKIKAWA Masahiko (University of Tsukuba Library)
    • TAMURA Hitoshi (Tokyo Metropolitan University Library)

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