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The Digital Repository Federation (DRF) is a federation for the universities and research institutions that have set up IRs in Japan. It was established by Hokkaido University, Chiba University and Kanazawa University in 2006 as part of the Cyber Science Infrastructure Program (CSI) of the National Institute of Informatics (NII). It became an independent organization based on self-sustaining operation in 2010, and is currently made up of 144 universities and research institutions (as of June 5, 2012). It is a loose-knit coalition that does not have a strict membership system.

The core activities of DRF are as follows:

  1. Provision of various opportunities for information sharing and unrelenting study concerning IR operation
  2. International cooperation and information sharing for improving IR interoperability
  3. Cooperation and coordination with university library-related bodies and other organizations that promote IRs
  4. Other activities necessary to achieve our objectives

Additionally, DRF promotes investigation, research and development regarding IRs as subprojects, including SCPJ(Society Copyright Policies in Japan) , which is a Japanese version of SHERPA/RoMEO, ROAT (Repository Output Assessment Tool), which is a project to standardize usage statistics, and AIRway (Access Path to Institutional Resources), which is a project to develop access routes via link resolvers. It also promotes a personnel development program for a growing number of organizations that have newly set up IRs. In 2009, DRF joined the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR), to which it sent Shigeki Sugita as Vice Chairperson.

The operation of DRF is characterized by the initiative of young repository managers. The federation is represented by the Steering Committee, under which there are 5 working groups: the Planning and Coordinating Working Group, the Events and Training Working Group, the Technical Support Working Group, the International Relations Working Group and the Public Relations Working Group. The working groups are made up of young librarians who work on the front line of Open Access advocacy. They manage everything necessary for practical planning and operation, and add vitality to the Japanese OA movement.

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